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Neighbourhood Watch

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Privacy Policy

Personal Data

1. Ashford & District Neighbourhood Watch Association (the Association) maintain a database listing of current NHW members living within the Ashford Borough Council area.

2. The personal data held consists only of names, postal addresses and contact details, which includes email addresses.

3. The Association holds personal data for the purposes of supporting neighbourhood watch activities and providing information and newsletters to its membership.

4. The database is updated as and when inaccuracies are notified or identified through routine maintenance or specific contact with members.

5. Members are asked to give consent to inclusion of their details on this listing when signing up to become an Association member. Members can withdraw consent at any time by submitting a written / email request to an official of the Association.

6. Members can obtain a copy of the data held, in respect of them, by the Association at any time by submission of a written request to an officer of the Association.

7. Members contact details will not be shared with other members, or third parties, without the prior explicit consent of the member concerned. This may include sharing such details with:- Kent Police for the purposes of NHW, i.e. to update their NHW Kent Community Messaging System (KCMS) when the Association becomes aware of amendments to member contact details; and Ashford & District Council’s Community Safety Partnership team to support NHW community initiatives.

8. Members’ personal data will not be further processed in a manner that is incompatible with the purposes specified above.

9. Members’ personal data will be permanently deleted once membership of the Association ceases.

Data Security

10. Members’ Data held by the Association will be accessed only by authorised officials of the Association for purposes allied to legitimate NHW activities. All data will be held in files which are password protected/encrypted.